The Many Faces Of Networking

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There is always one friend in every group who strives for perfection, talks extremely fast, shakes hands with every person he or shed meets and walks around with an undeserved amount of self confidence. Do you have an image placed in your mind? This person is a network fanatic and is in route for an extreme wake up call when he or she realizes the people they have met could not give a damn about the things they have had to say.

A large group of people tend to take the selfish networking approach and only think about what the other person will be able to do for them. This group of people plays contrary to the group of people who put the needs of others before their own problems (the selfless networker.)

Networking should never be a game of numbers but at times this is exactly what it is made out to be. Filling your phone with an endless list of names and numbers will leave the common networker with an unreliable and undesirable list of contacts.