Personal & Professional Relationship Building

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Relationship building is tricky but not if you have the proper tools and advice to handle it effectively. In our lifetime we will experience two types of relationships – one on a personal level and one on a professional level.

A personal relationship will consist of your group of friends from high school or the people you chat with on Facebook to catch up on old times and sift through old photographs with. These are the people who have always been there for you, the people who you share your values with and will talk to about anything.

A profesional relationship will be the people you know in a work environment. These people may not know everything about you but you do choose to share certain information with them to strengthen your morals and obligations in life.

In the long run you will want to network with as many professionals as possible. Your personal network of friends will stay small for your entire life but your list of professional contacts will seem to be endless.

To separate the two is a valuable skill which all people, including you, posses. The ability to put these groups into context without damaging the social aspect of your professional network will push you onto bigger and better things down the road.

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