Why Flying Solo Will Never Work

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No matter how bright you claim to be, if you attempt to take on a team full of talented individuals, the outcome will never work in your favor. Michael Jordan needed Scotty Pippin, Kobe Bryant needed Shaquille O’neal and Lebron James needed Dwayne Wade to capture his first NBA championship a Miami Heat player.

In the business world, especially in the start up scene, entrepreneurs, CEO’s and COO’s alike will tell you the importance of maintaing a close knit network of professional individuals has on any successful venture. Venture capitalists looking to invest in an idea will almost always go for a decent idea with a nicely assembled team over a good idea with a shaky foundation.

How long do you spend building your team? Maybe ten percent of the time you spend on building your company? Believe it or not but Mark Zuckerberg, CEO and founder of Facebook, thinks you should spend half of your time focusing on the recruiting aspect while investing the other half of your time into building your business.

Staying isolated will never put you on the right track to success. Even if you are a master coder/developer, chances are you will need to team up with a few like minded individuals if you ever hope to take your idea to the next level.

Your ability to network with other professionals in person has the potential to make or break your future career. Connecting with people is the key to opening new doors and seizing new opportunities in the competitive world of business.

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