What Should You Do When You Are Unsure What To Do?

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Uncertainty is the fear of failing and if your are like a majority of people in the world, this fear will never go away. How is it some people walk around with such a positive stride of absolute certainty and everything is going to be just fine – while others walk around what seems to be in a constant state of panic or paranoia.

Most likely this confidence comes from one simple entrepreneurial strategy. This strategic idea is based on one motive in your life set in stone, one which will never fail, a plan you are certain is your ultimate safety net.

In a worst case scenario, you will have two plans set up )Pan A & Plan B.) Perhaps you see both of these plans fall deep under water and you are left with nothing but disgust. You have no idea where to turn or what to do but you calm yourself down, take few deep breaths and realize failure (being homeless, jobless, bankrupt etc.) will never be an option.

You remember your safety net is still strong in tact and even if the worst were to happen, you see it is not as bad as what could have been. For many college students, a safety net may be moving back home with your parents, finding a job and continue on with your life.

Your safety net should never be an endpoint but rather a new beginning. This should give you time to regroup and look at what is important as you continue on down the path to success.

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