What Separates You From The People Who Look Like You?

Your dream job, it is what you have been working toward your entire life to secure but what makes you any different from the millions of competitors searching for the same thing? In order to survive in this world of constantly being ‘better, faster, stronger, neater, cleaner’ you will need to be better than the competition, right?

Being better than the rest is the basics of entrepreneurial studies and the world needs more entrepreneurs who are ready to take risks and get ahead. However, being an entrepreneur is not enough, how will you become a good entrepreneur?

Your brainpower, your skills, your energy, your motivation, your inspiration, your drive, your ambition is what will ultimately separate you from the massive amounts of competition you face every single day from like minded individuals. What do you have to offer which is different? A fairly simple question? Yes. A fairly simple answer? Maybe.

Develop your competitive advantage and answer the question “Why am I valuable?” and “What should I be focusing on in life?” If you answer these questions with confidence your are one step ahead of the majority of people who find these questions to be challenging.

Invest in yourself. This is one of the smartest decisions you will ever make in life. It will force you to evaluate yourself in ways you have not thought to do and give you the necessary confidence to challenge yourself and chase your dreams.

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    1. I have never bought into the myth that says a post secondary education is critical to success in life. IF you need to go to college or university, fine. Go. But don’t go just for the sake of going. Most of the truly successful people I know, who have healthy families, are on solid financial ground and have a passion for life do not have much beyond high school. What matters is having a dream about what you want out of life and then setting goals to get there. Once you have those things in place, you will learn what ever you need to know to get there.

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