If You Are Not Moving Forward You Are Moving Backward

Detroit’s auto industry once stood for the symbol of American innovation and entrepreneurship. For thirty years from the early nineteen forties until the end of the nineteen sixties, Detroit was an outlandish city which stood for “the industrial greatness of America” as told by President Harry Truman.

But what happened to Detroit? How did the city go from prosperous beyond measure to half of its children who now live in poverty? How did the city which once rivaled such cities as Chicago and New York turn into the second most dangerous city in America?

The answer is simple. The city lost their entrepreneurial way of life and instead became a city focused on tough manual labor, long hours and competitive pricing.

Ford motor company, general motors and chrysler were three major startups, putting Detroit on the map as one of the places to live, work and prosper in America for decades; other cities, for the time being, would marvel in Detroit’s leading edge. These three companies brought innovative ideas from entrepreneurs who were posed to make a positive step toward the future of the auto industry.

However, as Detroit quickly became the fourth most populous city in America; people began to rival one another through means of extended work hours, competitive wages and were no longer focusing on the next generation of technology and innovation. The city lost their competitive edge and to the people who choose to stay, were left either jobless, homeless, or underpaid.

Detroit was once seen as the silicon valley of the world, a land of riches and prosperity, filled with possibility but became stagnant and saw themselves fall off the competitive ladder.

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