Finding The Entrepreneur In You

Reid Hoffman, cofounder and chairman of LinkedIn, recently came out with a book labeled the “start up of you.” In the first few pages, Reid explains to his readers the importance an entrepreneur can have on society.

However, most people in this world are not cut out to be an entrepreneur, Reid goes on to explain, due to the high risk of failure, stress brought on from slaking co workers and difficulties in time management skills. To find the right balance of an entrepreneurial mindset and the ability to handle long hours of labor intensified work is what will set an individuals creative mindset on the perfect path to success.

The job market is currently headed in the wrong direction to the point men and women of their sixties and seventies have rejoined the work force to leave middle aged Americans stuck without an entry or mid level position and college graduates who find it tough to land any type of paid job in the professional world at all. It is as if Americans are keeping one another on the ground rather than helping one another get back up after they fall.

The secret for Americans who would like to see America get back on track, is to focus on a solid career path first and find a way to help others second. This may sound selfish to focus on oneself before others but in order to better others, one must first be able to better oneself.

To put ones own thoughts and ideas as first priority in order to seize the bigger picture of a smarter, more productive world is an entrepreneurs way of thinking(with a bit of philosophy thrown in.) Before we were forced into the labor intensified work force, men were entrepreneurs “finding our food, feeding ourselves…when we were in the caves, we were all self employed” as told by Nobel peace prize winner, Muhammad Yunus.

To succeed in today’s world you will need to hold on to the same entrepreneurial mindset as, Reid Hoffman, as you continue to focus on the same structured labor intensified work week as a nine to five. Remember hard is never hard enough, good is not great and failing should never be an option.

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