Why A Startup Takes Time

The first few weeks or months after building your first startup will be the hardest time your company must go through. There may be times you will want to tear the company down and start over from scratch.

Don’t .

Every great idea takes time to develop a team of people who all share an identical vision. The vision should not be “how to make money” or your start up will fail.

Any great business owner, entrepreneur or CEO will tell you “chase the dream and not the money.” Keep in mind only one in twelve companies will succeed which will leave you at quite a disadvantage when deciding how to go about building your business.

Stay focused and stay goal oriented on what it is you want to accomplish and all your dreams of owning your own business are already half way there. Do not believe your startup will succeed over night, true success takes time.

Remember to celebrate the little things. Do you have any advice? Let us know in the comments.