Facebook: Why Did The Company Stock Fail?

Facebook Inc. (s fb) currently boasts a less than impressive initial public offering as the companies stock has continued to dig deep into a hole that Facebook seemingly does not know how to get itself out of. As of late the media has brought plenty of attention to a few big purchases Facebook has made such as Instagram, being the most talked about of the bunch and Face.com.

The reason the companies stock did not get off to a good start could be for a number of reasons.

First, the company could be losing their cool factor. Now that Facebook is open to ages thirteen and up, the network has sort of lost the mature feel it once had when only college students were able to log on.

Second, the company has began to focus more on the fact Facebook has gone public more than keeping their users happy. The new design and timeline has complicated a once simple process of Facebook.

Simplicity was one of Facebook’s main attractions and without it, Facebook users seem more on edge.