Steve Jobs & Larry Ellison

Once upon a time Steve Jobs and Oracle chairman Larry Ellison discussed a plan to bring Steve back to Apple after being fired as the head executive of the company. Ellison believed it would be possible to land three billion dollars to finance the move for Steve and the entire Apple team.

Larry said “I will buy apple, you will get 25 percent of it right away for being CEO and we can restore it to its past glory.”. But Jobs had other plans and simply stated “I decided I am not a hostile takeover kind of guy….if they had asked me to come back it might have been different.”

These quotes come directly from the book Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson. This type of conversation speaks directly to the type of character each man has.

Larry was ready to dive head first into what may have been an absolute bust of an idea for his good friend Steve. Steve on the other hand shows his calm demeanor in an otherwise hostile situation.

At a time when ideas were being tossed around from one chairman to the next and Apple’s market share had been down four percentage points in 1996; Steve remained focused. Jobs had a vision to change the world and kept his eyes off of the cash flow.