Is Marissa Mayer Right For The Job?

If you have not heard by now, former VP of Google Marissa Mayer will step in as the new CEO of Yahoo. What makes Ms. Mayer ready for the challenge?

As the former VP of Google, Marissa is used to filling a challenging position. Yahoo’s numbers have steadily been declining over the past few years and Marissa will hope to change that moving forward.

As a female CEO, a large amount of pressure has naturally already been pushed upon her by the media. Not to mention the fact she is also pregnant.

Marissa claims she will take no more than a few weeks off for maternity leave as Yahoo continues to move toward a positive future. “A few weeks” she says, where other woman in her position would take close to six months before returning to work.

This proves her drive and passion to see the success of a once great company. Yahoo looks to be in good hands as long as Marissa Mayer remains at the head of the table.