Twitter And How We See The News

We as news hungry individuals no longer search the Internet for the next big story. Rather, with virtual blogging platforms like Twitter, we now see the news come to us.

With the trending topics section or a simple word with a hash tag in front of it (#) interesting news stories are becoming easier and easier to find. Type in a keyword or phrase in the Twitter search index with a hash tag in front of it (i.e #2012presidentialelection) and watch as twitter scours their database for the most up to date information.

The great thing about reading the news this way is anyone can share their opinion for the world to read. Anyone person is able to have a say, make a difference or give a link back to an article of their choice.

Where as once the news was written, edited and distributed by the few; times have evolved and the news is now spread through the internet like wildfire. Other social media sites such as Facebook, Reddit and LinkedIn all have their own way of sharing the news.

The reason why Twitter stands out in the crowd is because the site has found a way to index the search engine with the use of a hash tag (#.)