How do you use LinkedIn?

LinkedIn has been proven to be a powerful tool for networking as a professional on social media. Since LinkedIn changed the way we connect with other professionals online, other networks have been trying similar methods to gain some of the same results.

Branch out is one example of a network which tried to copy the basic ideas LinkedIn was built on but condense it inside another network. The other network of course being Facebook.

Now, many people will assume Facebook is a sure fire way to start the job search on the right path with over nine hundred million people who belong to the social network. However, as Facebook stock continues to show a steady downward trend, critics believe Facebook and the networks on the inside have perhaps hit their peak.

It is no question LinkedIn is far superior to the network Branchout but why is this? For starters, LinkedIn has the strongest professional referral network online.

Facebook is seen as a much larger social network than Linkedin with users as young as thirteen years of age who join to chat with friends. This makes LinkedIn a much more reliable network for connecting with like minded individuals whom you may have never thought to exist on Facebook.

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  1. My comment relates to the LinkedIn post. I use LinkedIn Groups to distribute my weekly blog. Although I have had several invitations to connect with Branch Out, I do not intend to join because I like to keep my personal life separate from my professional one.

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