Facebook: A Great Company With A Valuable Brand

We are all aware Facebook is the most popular social network on the Internet today. But what makes Facebook so valuable?

Sure, the company is a wonderful idea and the way Mark Zuck went about building the network was sheer genius but was his passion to build this business from the ground up the sole reason why there are now close to one billion people on the platform? We would like to think so but simple passion and drive is never enough to do what Mark did.

It takes strategy to build a company with as much value as Facebook has. Remember when the network first came out? When it was open to just students at Harvard?

No one could have possibly seen the network as the next big thing to hit the world wide web besides maybe the Winkle vas twins. Either way, the popularity of the site turned into something special and the whole world began to agree.

The phrase Google Me is now turning a new meaning. People now prefer the phrase Facebook Me.

People love the network as a way to search for friends, explore interests and share photos – something in which Google has accomplished but only to a certain extant.