#Winning – Charlie Sheen Says Goodbye To Twitter

Twenty five hours and seventeen minutes is how long it took Charlie Sheen to reach one million followers on Twitter. Sheen posted one last tweet before deleting his account for good and it read “reach for the stars everyone. dog speed cadre. c out.

Charlie originally joined Twitter as a way to vent his general frustration from ring fired from CBS to the public, while at the same time garner the type of attention only a television star of his caliber could muster up. The hashtag #TigerBloog, meaning invulnerable to addiction according to Sheen, became popular in an instant along with his most popular word – #winning.

Before signing off the social blogging platform, Charlie Sheen had almost eight million followers and stated in a post to TMZ “Charlie feels like he’s not getting anything out of the social network.” Charlie had close to one third of the followers Justin Bieber currently has (at twenty four million) to be his popularity into perspective.

The former star of Two and a Half Men has taken on a new role as a therapist on the new hit Television show Anger Management on FX. The shows ratings were unmatched on its premier night as close to six million viewers were tuned in to see Sheen take the stage.

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