Digg Sells Out & Skips Google In The Process

Digg, the once hugely popular social news website, allows users to vote up or down for their favorite news stories and headlines. Close to four years ago, Google was in talks of buying Digg out for a reported two hundred million dollars but never had the chance to follow through on their proposal.

Fast forward to the year two thousand and twelve and we see Digg.com has done rather well for itself with roughly four and a half million unique visitors per month. Not to mention the company has officially sold itself off in a three way deal: first to beta works for five hundred thousand, part to the washington post for twelve million and part to Linkedin (LNKD: + 0.91%) for around four million.

Comments have been pouring in from all over the internet and some have been a bit more harsh than others.

“If Google makes you an offer, chances are it’s the best offer you’ll ever get and you should take it. Sucks to be Digg…”

one man wrote on a hard forum post.

“Kevin Rose is a dumb a** for not selling at $200 Million when offered. Now Kevin Rose works for Google as a regular employee lol..

Karma surely is a b*tch.”

another man wrote.

But are these people correct to leave such negative press? Think, what if Mark Zuckerberg would have sold early on his first offer for Facebook?

Besides, keep it mind that it was in fact Google who ultimately remained uninterested in purchasing Digg long term.