Microsoft Windows 8 Tablet Will Compete With The Apple IPad

Microsoft is set to unveil their new tablet today at Milk Studios in Los Angeles, California at 3:30 p.m. The event is said to have had quite a large turn out, although much more ‘low key’ than what would be the norm for an Apple product release.

The release of a windows eight tablet would set Microsoft in place with the rest of the tech world and mark a clear competitor to the famous Apple iPad device. Google has competed favorably well with their Android devices which means Microsoft must work quickly to build a strong following and have a chance at passing the iPad.

Critics believe this is Microsofts attempt to simply copy what Apple has been so good at. In all honesty, a Windows eight tablet is nothing more than another iPad with the Microsoft logo stamped on it.

Does Microsoft stand a chance against Apple? What do you think? Leave your comments below.

3 thoughts on “Microsoft Windows 8 Tablet Will Compete With The Apple IPad”

  1. Microsoft does have a chance against Apple, especially if it combines Surface with other products such as SmartGlass and the Xbox. It has an opportunity to provide a more comprehensive suite of home entertainment products, which could interoperate within the household using standards such as DLNA. Just the opposite of Apple’s close ecosystem. However, Microsoft had better make no mistake and launch the products on time, along with all announced features.

    1. Microsoft is far from becoming irrelevant (e.g. Windows, Office, Xbox, etc.) Also, Surface looks awesome and should be a very worthy opponent of the iPad.

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