Dell Competes With Possible Buyers For The Rights To Quest Software

The privately owned firm Dell Inc. is rumored to be in the running to buy information technology management tools company quest software as reported by Bloomberg. Quest helps companies to retrieve lost data and work one on one with imperative software developers to strive toward new ways to sharpen their administrative potency.

Dell is seen as one of the many bidders whom are after quest software. This addition would seemingly complete Dell’s brand information portfolio.

Other bidders include Microsoft Corp, BMC Software, Oracle and CA Inc. Attorney Morgan Stanley will advise Quest on a proper business proposal.

Quest has a current market value of over two billion dollars and a stock value of twenty six dollars and thirty three cents per share.

The deal has not been made final according to sources which means the potential buyout may not happen. Quest software has just recently tried to make the jump from a publicly owned entity to privately held.