Rumors Of Farmville 2 Or ‘Big Harvest’ Has Been Seen In The Philippines

Zynga has rumored to launch a game named ‘Big Harvest’ in the Philippines. This beta is believed to be an early look at the companies upcoming most talked about game Farmville 2.

If this rumor is in fact true than Zynga may be looking at some serious cash flow coming in as long as they do not do anything drastic to mess it up. Their early success with the original Farmville has sparked talk of a sequel but noone was quite sure what the proper time for a release date would be.

As you can see from the photo, the features are more three dimensional with more room to expand your play and more items to spend your money on. Farmvile still remains Zynga’s number one most profitable game.

For some odd reason, Farmville took Facebook by storm with anyone from the age of sixteen to thirty five playing the game and spending money on a regular basis. If Zynga hopes to transfer these users over to Farmville 2 some big changes will need to take place.

This may be exactly the type of move Zynga needs to boost their IPO. The company is estimated to be worth twenty billion dollars according to an educated guess from Eric Savitz of Forbes.

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