Garrett Camp Steps Down As The CEO Of StumbleUpon To A Position With Less Responsibility

Garrett Camp, the former CEO of the largest online traffic generator on the web StumbleUpon, has just recently stepped down to take on a chairmen position with less responsibility. For high profiled technology news sites like Venture Beat, Gizmodo and Gizmag; StumbleUpon has brought extreme traffic to each article, sometimes over a few thousand stumbles per post.

Stumbleupon was originally bought out by Ebay in early two thousand and seven for what would now be considered a ‘mere’ seventy five million dollars. The company was than bought back a year later and jumped an extra twenty million users in the following year due to proper execution by CEO Camp.

Garrett Camp had a very positive attitude about where Stumbleupon is heading in the future as he stated in a Blog Post “StumbleUpon is in very capable hands with a strong executive team and a talented group of employees and I’m confident we will continue to innovate and execute as quickly as ever. With our accomplished team and ambitious roadmap, we plan to continue solving one of the biggest problems on the web today: personalized discovery.”

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