President Obama’s Team of Secret Service Agents Take An Embarrassing Hit Involving Prostitution Scandal

“If it turns out some of the allegations made in the press are confirmed than of course I’ll be angry” said President Obama in regards to the alleged prostitution allegations placed on over ten members of the presidents team of secret service agents and another ten members of the United States Military work force. These agents were set to prepare for President Obama and his visit to the foreign country of Colombia but decided to have a bit of informal recreation during their visit with over twenty Colombian prostitutes in a hotel room.

Ron Kessler, Chief Washington Correspondent and Author of “In The Presidents Secret Service” reported in an interview with Fox News “This is the largest sandal in the history of the secret service” and “could have created a blackmail situation…resulting in an assassination attempt on the President.”

In a CBS News Special Report we have rumor to believe “one agent will be fired, another has chossen to retire and a third has decided to resign; while eight more are still and will continue to undergo investigation until the truth is confirmed.”

The team of what is now said to be a total of twelve secret service agents were relieved of their duties according to a report from ABC News and arrived in Colombia days before the President got there. Another team of a dozen secret service agents were immediately flown in to replace them.

“The agency said the presidents security was never compromised” CNN reports. It is believed this all started after one of the agents did not pay his fair share of eight hundred dollars for one of the prostitues and instead assumed the women would settle for thirty.

The woman went on to complain to local Colombian police where certain forms of prostitution are legal (in designated areas.) One woman spoke out to ABC News saying “This is something really big, this is the government of the United States. I have nervous attacks. I cry all the time.”

Did these federal agents go one step too far? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. undoubtedly, a huge misuse of taxpayer money, it makes me think, is this really what happened, or a cover up of what a bigger fish did, we will probably never know the real truth

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