Tumblr has its own world

Written By Shiramae Sepida

Title post might be appear gross to Tumblr users tho, I’m a user too. What Tumblr unsatisfied me is its not interactive for me.
Using it feels like I’m an alien of World Wide Web. Really! This ma sounds so over or judgmental to Tumblr. I like Tumblr because it gives me theme that I want to use “customize” just like blogger does which is unfortunately wordpress can’t have. Well WordPress sucks for that. So WordPress? You think it’s time to make a change? LOL Tho, I’m serious.
Anyhow in terms of interacting, how could you be one of the famous if you don’t even like, comment or even reblog lovely photos/posts shared by others?
Sharing is gaining traffic! Well, traffic is one thing I can’t have in Tumblr. None of my post have been like or shared by others. Unlike in WordPress, just a second ago I got likers already. Oh well, I’m hoping Tumblr user likes thoughts and quotes.
So more likely, if you have Tumblr we could spend more lil time there. What you think? Interacting? You like that?! I’m thinking what could be a break that Tumblr can give to their unsatisfied users.

Image via. BackTalk