Social Media Helps Market “The Hunger Games”

This article was written by Heather Wilson. She is a senior at Chico State majoring in Public Relations with a minor in Nutrition. After graduating in the fall 2012, she hopes to pursue her career in New York City or London as a publicist. While at Chico State Heather has been an active member of the Nutrition and Food Sciences Association and volunteers as the Head Coach for Butte County’s non-profit organization Girls on the Run. Last summer, she was an intern at McEntyre Public Relations in New York City and fell in love with every aspect of life as a public relations practitioner. When she is not writing, or focusing on schoolwork, Heather enjoys running and training for marathons. Feel free to connect with her on LinkedIn or Twitter.

“The Hunger Games” reputation was created tremendously by social media, in its renovation from best-selling dystopian book succession to blockbuster, an estimated $100 million opening week which started at midnight Thursday March 22nd is expected to be brought in by fans. There is no way to measure how much social media helped the box office receive its millions of dollars, however, it did help engage the fans.

PR practitioners and marketers utilized many social media tools to engage with their fans. With more than 3 million “likes” on Facebook, there were 13 pages created to symbolize each of the districts in the film. Fans could become virtual “citizens” of each district.

“The Hunger Games” trending phase on Twitter were mentioned about 1 million times just in the last month, according to the website tracking page Topsy.

A Twitter account was created for The Capitol, referencing the central city in the story. According to Forbes, the account @TheCapitolPN acted as a “welcoming site to Panem, the Capitol, and its 12 Districts.” Often tweeting stories, warnings and encouragement in character.

A blog was created on Tumblr by the website Capitol Couture to represent the style of the characters as well as the design of the film. The blog includes posts such as how to dress as a fictional character in the Hunger Games. The popularity of this epic film is only continuing to grow.

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