Hot New Band: The Mid-Summer Classic

This article was written by Kristin DelMuto. She is currently a senior at Salem State University in Salem, Massachusetts. In May 2012 she will be graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Communications. Kristin is very eager to get started in the world. She has always known she would want to be working in the Entertainment industry. She would love to pursue a career in Entertainment and move to Los Angeles, California or New York City. In the past, Kristin has been an intern at Picture This Television, a small production company based in New York City. Currently, she is an intern for Boston’s Hit Music Radio Station, Kiss 108 FM. While she is very open to what field in Entertainment she would like to focus on, the music industry is a number one goal of hers. She does have a little bit of musical background and skills, but since she has not focused on it all of her life she would like to get into the management or publicity part of the industry. She also has experience in film production and broadcasting from school and her internships. If you’d like to follow her on Twitter, her username is @kristindelmuto, where she often tweets about her favorite musical artists and entertainers. She also tweet frequently about her day-to-day experiences at her internship and life in general. Thanks for reading and enjoy!

So although I love many different types of music, I’d have to say my favorite kind of bands to write about and listen to would be ‘guy bands’ in the rock/pop genre. I don’t really know what it is-I guess it’s just something about the rock band attitude being able to bring in a little bit of pop to their music, without actually having to have the hard-core rock sound. That’s why I am super excited to write about The Mid-Summer Classic today.
On Youtube, MySpace, etc., I am constantly looking up new artists to listen to, and in the creation of my music blog last night, I discovered some new rising stars-a rock/pop genre band called The Mid-Summer Classic. In my research on the band, I have learned that they formed in late 2008 and began playing shows in January 2009. The Mid-Summer Classic has had some amazing opportunities in the past two years to open for multiple national acts, such as 12 Stones, Brokencyde, Rev Theory, Meriwether, The Vettes, Tyler Read, Windsor Drive, and Blood On The Dancefloor. The band describes their songs as “engergetic, filled with heart-felt, relatable lyrics and catchy choruses.”
The Mid-Summer Classic began recording in studio in August 2009, starting with their EP: “Live While You’re Young.” The band says that their EP has “songs that everyone can relate to, such as love, friends, and growing up.” The EP was released in March 2010 and is also available for download on iTunes.
The band’s members consist of Robert Dobbs on vocals, Eric Hebert on guitar/vocals, Aaron Trahan on guitar, Dylan LeBlanc on drums, and James Ford on bass. The band has recently released their debut album, “Good Times & Goodbyes” on November 8th, 2011, and it is also available on iTunes! I’ve checked it out and I must say, if you like bands of this genre, or bands such as Hot Chelle Rae, Allstar Weekend, We The Kings, All Time Low, One Direction, Big Time Rush, Amely, or Mayday Parade-trust me, you’ll love The Mid-Summer Classic.
After you check them out, or if you’re already a fan-great news…the band is set to be going on tour starting this January! The tour kicks off on January 20th at The Varsity Theatre in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and will finish on February 29th at the Cobalt Cafe in Canogo Park, California. You can check out the rest of their tour dates and cities on their official website, http://themid-summerclassic.com.
You can also follow the band on twitter, @TMSCband, like them on Facebook, or check out their music on MySpace! I definitely hope to see a lot more of them in the future, and I hope you all will as well!

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