New York City Startup Quartzy Funded Over Three Hundred Thousand Dollars

What is Quartzy? Well, this New York City startup was fabricated for one sole purpose ‘to help scientists bring order to their labs.’ The team of six: Jayant Kulkarni, Adam Regelmann, Ajoy Sojan, Andy Crum, Scott Panichelli and Umang Shah met while doing research at Columbia University.

Poor communication and endless managerial tasks began to disorganize the team. They came to the realization they were not alone as many of these same issues were being experienced all across the world.

Out of this frustration and disappointment, the scientific academic community Quartzy was born. The teams’ goal was and still is very simple.

Quartzy hopes to advance science by attributing scientists to save their hard earned time and money. Quartzy is based out of Silicon Valley, California and is free to use by scientists.

Spectators believe the potential of this business could skyrocket through the roof if they are able to ‘nail the platform.’ The company has been funded over three hundred thousand dollars and was born in New York City before moving to beautiful California.