Everything You Need To Know About App.Net’s Mobile App Showcase

App.net is a privately owned entity by Mixed Media Labs. Dalton Caldwell and Bryan Berg founded Mixed Media Labs in early two thousand ten.

App.net offers a new mobile application allotment service platform for iOS and Android devices. An experienced team of mobile app developers who built a product to solve their own needs builds App.net.

App.net helps developers treat their products’ online presence and assists them with the proper tools to promote and control their applications with as much efficiency as possible. App.net allows developers to create top notch landing pages and downloadable widgets.

According to a blog post from App.Net:

“Our vision for App.net has been to build tools that we as developers would personally want to use, and so we are trying to put together exactly the kind of event we would want to attend. i.e. we are not charging app developers for placement, we are not getting corporate sponsorship, we are not packing the event with too many apps or people.

The goal of our showcase is to drive discovery of new and noteworthy apps, and to actually move the needle for the developers who get a chance to present.”

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