Microsoft Reveals Windows Eight Trial Run

“The launch of Windows 8 should provide a few years of robust growth and opportunity for Microsoft to reposition itself to better defend its position against challengers,” Microsofts Nomura Sherlund stated.

Windows Eight will more than likely motivate PC designers to call for more utility based machines combined with notebooks and computer tablets. These gadgets will be alike to the ‘ultra’ book computers, which offer Apple’s lightweight MacBook Air windows-based services.

“It will populate with everything you are used to using right away,” Sherland said.

The default Microsoft storage service known as SkyDrive will be Apple iCloud’s main system competitor over the years. The device will comfortably support picture, movies, music and other documents.

According to a post form CurrentAffairs “Once Windows 8 is available, the ultrabook line could be expanded to include machines equipped with a screen that swivels off the keyboard to take advantage of the systems touch controls and provide a tablet-like experience.”

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