Klout Is Once Again Moving Forward After A Short Hiatus

Klout, the standard to measure your online influence, seems to be moving forward after keeping quit for quite a few months after privacy concerns became a hit topic with the network. Klout has recently announced the addition of BlockBoard to allow users to build ‘strong communities through technology.’

According to a blog post from Klout:

“To keep driving toward our mission of unlocking every user’s influence, we need to make Klout useful and accessible wherever they are – whether they’re at home or on the go. Blockboard has built an amazing local-mobile app that connects neighbors to build stronger communities through technology. You may have seen it featured in Techcrunch or AllThingsD. This simple, well-designed tool gives people a way to communicate with their neighbors about everything from local news and tips to lost pets and broken streetlights.

With their experience, Blockboard brings an awareness of how social media can be meaningfully woven into the fabric of a local community, as well as a killer mobile app development team. Integrating the Blockboard team, technology and expertise is a significant investment into enriching the local and mobile experience for our passionate users, and will be an incredible boost for all of us.

Blockboard’s entire staff is joining Klout, and we can’t wait to get started!”

Blockboard has raised close to one million dollars in funding from venture capitalists and investors back in may of two thousand and ten but has yet to see any substantial amount of revenue. Klout currently has thirty-two people working within the company and another four to be added on with the addition of Blockboard.

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