Facebook Has Taken Heat Conerning Mobile Privacy Issues

Privacy over our Smart Phones devices seem to be something to address. Lucky for us Facebook has done the work for us.

According to an updated post from Cnet; “Facebook is currently running a limited test of mobile features which integrate with SMS functionality. SMS read/write is not currently implemented for most users of the mobile app. As part of this test, we declared the presence of that functionality within our app store permissions starting with the 1.7 version of our application. If Facebook ultimately launches any feature that makes use of these permissions, we will ensure that this is accompanied by appropriate guidance/educational materials.”

This post is in regard to the recent allegations stating Facebook has been illegally using smart phone applications to grab a hold of users mobile text messages. The social network has claimed the statements are completely ludicrous and have no need for data of those sorts.

Since the announcement of Facebooks IPO, all eyes have been glued to the social networks next big move. Currently it is taking heat from consumers, buyers, courts and regulators all over the world concerning an individual’s right to privacy.

With all of these privacy concerns mounting, people now ask the question, is it time to get off Facebook?