Is The Apple iPad The Next Mobile PC?

CEO of Apple Tim Cook has stated numerous times he does not view the Apple iPad as a Mobile PC.

He does not foresee the Apple iPad will virtually take over the PC industry in no way, shape or form.

However, iPad sales and Mac sales are going up very quickly and in relation to one another; it is tough to tell whether or not there will be a difference in market share.

With this being said, Tim Cook told investors last week “I don’t subscribe to that” referring to the differential between the two markets.

7 thoughts on “Is The Apple iPad The Next Mobile PC?”

  1. I wonder if Microsoft’s release of Office for iPad will force people to reconsider whether the iPad is a Mobile PC? I think 50% of how something like a tablet or laptop is perceived is based on the Apps available. And until now Apple’s only had it’s iApps available on the iPad (like iPad versions of iWork). With a form of MS Office available for the iPad, it may be Microsoft wants to change that perception to its own benefit. It’s hard to say, until sales start occurring and everyone can judge how popular a download it is from the App Store.

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