Let’s Make Sure The iPhone 5 Is Better Than The Last One

How are we able to make sure the next iPhone is better than the old one?

We should start with a few key points.

A slimmer design overall would be very nice. The iPhone 4s was skinny and light but the next iPhone can be even skinnier and lighter, would you not agree?

How about the next iPhone throws in a nice 4g LTE wireless capability? Apple competitors such as AT&T, Sprint and Verizon are all preparing for this next big thing, which is why Apple will need to jump on board as well.

Lastly, Apple, we need a new phone design.

The iPhone 4 was shockingly close to the iPhone 4s in display.

Rather than being brothers, people made the mistake of seeing the two phones as twins. There was not very much separation between the two mobile devices.

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