Pinterest: What’s The Big Deal?

Move over Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Linkedin there is a new social network on the block. The network goes by the name of Pinterest and it is growing at a rather fast pace.

The ‘Facebook Recommend’ button and the ‘Twitter Tweet’ button are becoming a thing of the past for sharing the next big thing. Pinterest have a few ways to share information through the ‘Pinterest Pin’ button and not to mention, the very accessible Pinterest iPhone App to make sharing easy on the go.

Currently you are able to sign up for Pinterest through your Facebook or Twitter account but you will need an invitation no matter who you are. An invitation is easy to grab from one of your friends using the site or request one from the Pinterest staff and they will send the invite directly to your email…Easy enough?

Pinterest asks the question, “How Cool Is This?” rather than selfishly demand something on Twitter or Facebook like “Hey, Check This Out.” Pinterest will hope to bring in a new era for broadcasting, advertising and sharing of the most up to date information, photos, info graphics and more.

Pinterest is currently dealing with a way to produce revenue and keep this revenue coming in over time. They have not given up just yet and talk of creating something similar to’s “Affiliate Program” may be in the works.