Twitter Advertising In Brief

Twitter currently has a global user base of over one hundred million unique visitors. The company is worth over eight billion dollars and received over one forty million dollars in advertising revenue last year alone.

Twitter has been constantly searching for a way to generate more revenue through advertising and they may have just found their niche. Last November, the micro-blogging web service provider relayed ‘promoted tweets’ to ensure the twitter universe would you see their payed for tweet trend before all others.

The one hundred dollars in free advertising and service is currently only being offered to American Express Card Owners. Twitter will only be paid for their service if the network link receives a user generated response such as a re-tweet or an initial tweet.

This new service will allow advertisers and users to experience a brand new branch of Twitter never thought possible. You will be able to decide how much you want to spend and which city or cities you want your tweet to appear in as a way to target a certain audience.

This may not be a move big businesses will want to take due to the cost. Small Businesses however will be able to reap the rewards with the one hundred dollars in free advertising.