President Obama And Social Media

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During president Barack Obama’s re-election campaign, Mitt Romney was taking in just enough votes to sneak past the Rick Santorum Iowa caucus. And if you didn’t think Mr. President was a part of enough social media, this past month he has joined social photo app Instagram under the username barackobama. Instagram advertised its newest user in a blog post.
The Obama campaign invited its supporters to share their campaign photos using the tag #obama2012.
Obama won his credited part in social media activity in 2008, and thus his effort has continued. Last August, the White House joined Foursquare. About two months later, Obama launched a Tumblr page, ‘Obama 2102.’
These profiles are also linked with the president’s Twitter account, which has 11.7 million followers. They are also linked to his Facebook page, Google+ and Flickr account.
Many think that social media will likely play an important role in the presidential campaign, with his coverage included.

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