It Is Early But Google Wallet Hopes To Shine

“It may take some time to get things sorted out, as is typical with a lot of Google projects,” Michael Gartenberg announced earlier, Research Director at Gartner. “But I doubt they’ll quit this market entirely. Still, it’s going to be a competitive market. Anyone who has a piece of mobile wants in. And I don’t see anyone ceding dominance to Google.”

Google Wallet is a way for Google to work more efficiently with wireless operators, rather than competing against them in an ever expanding and competitive market. When Google first announced the addition of Google TV, no one gave them much of a chance to grow and the same idea seems to be coming together here.

The mobile market is a safe one based on Google’s track record. Within just two years, Google was able to build their smartphone market up from nothing to become the most dominant player in the mobile field.

“We are very enthusiastic about the start we’ve had with Google Wallet,” said Nate Tyler, Global communicator with Google. “We believe Google Wallet represents an opportunity to bring more value to the transaction, so that consumers can not only pay, but also save and earn rewards at time of the time of purchase.”

Google is still very intrinsic in moving forward with their plans to develop Google Wallet at full efficiency. However, it is still very early and Google will look to expand their true reach to the necessary consumers in due time.