Googleplex Plans To Constructs ‘Experience Center’ For $120 Million

As of late, we have seen Google step their foot in the door of the hardware industry. Currently Google is working on their biggest move yet to acquire Motorola Mobility.

The ‘Experience Center’ as we will now refer to it will not be open to the public. It will be located in the center of the GooglePlex, located in Mountain View California, and will be over on hundred thousand square feet. Here is an open statement direct from Google:

“The Experience Center would not typically be open to the public — consisting of invited groups, and guests whose interests will be as vast as Google’s range of products, and often confidential.”

Google has their sights set on strict focus, hardware and testing of products, such as WiFi performance and development. Their office space is believed to take up over eight hundred thousand square feet alone. This statement below was released earlier:

“Just as we continuously work to improve our products, it’s important to iterate on our workspace to keep us productive. That’s why we are adding additional meeting and work space to our campus in Mountain View.”

All this work is believed to help Google promote, showcase and market their brands products more efficiently to Web VIP’s. The entire project will cost close to one hundred and twenty million dollars when overall completion is finished.