Apple Does Their Best To Deal With Android Lawsuits

Google is more than willing to make ‘patent peace’ opposed to war, which plays contrary to what Apple has done in a recent showing. Apple is currently spending large amounts of unnecessary time and money on Anti-Android IP lawsuits while they should be focusing on distributing efficient products to the general public.

Google is already seeking thousands of patents from the Motorola fall through, a few which are currently used by Motorola to file lawsuits against Apple. A few of these 3G patents have made their way towards Apple, who is no longer being able to sell some of their most talked about products; such as the iPad and certain iPhone models.

We still await the patents needed in order for Google to fight Apple until the Motorola deal closes full force. Of course, Google will need Motorola in order to veer off Apple’s Patent requests.

Apple has, by all means, done their best to embarrass Android in the courtroom with numerous property lawsuits. With the recent acquisition of Motorola Mobility by Google, Android will finally have the patents it needs to strike back.

With Google’s purchase of Motorola Mobility, it is almost a sure bet Android will fire back at Apple. Apple may be in a heap of short term trouble if something is not done regarding this mess of lawsuits.

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