Pinterest: How Is It Being Used?

Quite possibly the most talked about social marketing tool for business, Pinterest has made quite a buzz in the past year, right up top with Google Plus, Twitter and Facebook. The way Pinterest works is sort of like a virtual open-ended magazine with no fixes.

The most talked about feature, with good reason, is the ability to share images combined with text onto a digital pin board for all of your friends to see. Remember, social networking is not about the word ‘I’ and if you want your pins to be read, be sure to engage with the rest of the online community.

Whole Foods is currently using their Pin Board to post photos of great food and wonderful products to share with their consumers. It is said the website has seen a more than four hundred percent increase in traffic coming directly from Pinterest.

Like any social marketing site it does have a few negatives we would like to pick at. If your business is not at all visual than you will have a hard time marketing your product to on the Internet.

Are you on Pinterest? Why not make your photos funny, exciting and thought induced?