Apple Total Domination of the Smart Phone Market In Q4

“Done in by a faster processor, an enhanced camera setting and the Siri personal assistant, a majority of iPhone buyers paid in full for the iPhone 4S, to assure it as the top-selling mobile device in the fourth quarter” according to Ross Rubin, principal analyst at the NPD group.

“Android has been criticized for offering a more complex user experience than its competitors, but the company’s wide carrier support and large app selection is appealing to new smartphone customers,” Ross Rubin added in reference to Android’s attractive features “Android’s support of LTE at Verizon has also made it the exclusive choice for customers who want to take advantage of that carrier’s fastest network.”

Exactly how dominate was Apple? The Apple iPhone 3GS came in third place to the Apple iPhone 4, which came in second place only to the Apple iPhone 4s. Their three-smartphone devices accounted for over forty percent of total sales in the Smartphone market in the fourth quarter alone.

Android and Apple teamed up to combine for over ninety percent with Android in front of Apple by five percent. However, thirty percent of Android buyers do see themselves switching over to the Apple iPhone after their contract expires.

This is great news for Apple and possibly detrimental news for Android.

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