iPad 3 To Release On March 29th: What’s New?

Image via. Vr-Zone

For starters, Apple will more than likely not alter the overall appearance of the new iPad. They have had continued success with the first two and a complete image change may just mess things up. We do expect an ‘ultrasharp’ retina display, the same display we have all come to love on our iPhones, except now we expect the same display to be transferred to our iPad. According to Mashable the exact release date will be on March 29th. Mashable writers have not lied to us before have they? No, no, they would never.

The iPad three is also rumored to have an HD front facing camera for an improved Facetime experience. Keep in mind this is just a rumor and no guarantees have been made. Anything other than a fresh and clean A6 power chip to run the iPad is absolute madness.

To take a more in depth analysis at the iPad three, BGR, was nice enough to release a set of iPad three development photos to the general public.

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