iPad Three Rumored To Be Released In 2012

Image via. Gotta Be Mobile

Early in two thousand twelve Apple sold over one hundred iPads a minute. Over two million more than their original estimate.

This past year was a very good year for Apple. Now they expect an even greater share of income in the next year as the iPad three comes to fruition.

Yes, things seem to be going smoothly for Apple but what will we be able to expect from the new iPad? We actually have no idea.

Rumors speculate a high-resolution retina display is in the works alongside a thinner longer lasting battery. The iPad two has a nice battery life but a little more added juice will never hurt

Rumors are floating around; Apple will have a 4G LTE connectivity and an A6 Quad-Core Processor. Of course, the new iPad will run on Apple’s mobile operating system (IOS.)

The iPad three-release was expected in late two thousand and eleven and than early two thousand twelve. We will expect to hear from Apple within the next month.

None other than AT&T and Verizon will sell the iPad in stores.