Linkedin: The overview

We hear from a number of college students whom believe LinkedIn is a way to socialize with friends the same way Facebook is. To place LinkedIn in the same category as Facebook in terms of how we socialize could not be more wrong. LinkedIn is a social network for professionals, founded in December 2002 and released to the public in May 2003.

LinkedIn currently has over one hundred thirty million users with over twenty two million unique visitors each month whom come from the United State. LinkedIn is headquartered in Mountain View California and was originally discovered by a few employees of PayPal. The CEO of LinkedIn, Jeff Weiner, was previously the executive of Yahoo! Inc.

The most important feature on LinkedIn is the ability to add contacts and connections to grow an individuals professional network. The people in your network help to find job opportunities, introduce one another to potential employers, search for competitors in a similar industry, and recommend groups of interest to join.

The main competitor of LinkedIn is the popular new Facebook application, BeKnown, brought to us by Monster job search. Although Monster may think it is a a good idea to expose their new Facebook application to over eight hundred million potential job seekers; the new application may not be as useful as they had once anticipated.

The reason being is most people view LinkedIn as a way to separate their professional network from their personal profile. People do not want the responsibility to manage one additional profile. LinkedIn is a way for us to separate our personal contacts from our professional network.

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