Howard Tullman Tby Howard Tullman

“Winners have a sense about other winners and you can’t miss the shift in their interest and attention when they encounter another of their own species. Wanting to win is fine – wanting to do the work that it takes to win and to keep at it until you do win is what makes the difference in the end.” Continue reading


patton TFrom the Journal of the Heartland Angels

by Paul LeRoux

General George Patton, leading U.S. Army general in World War II said, “No one is thinking if everyone is thinking alike.” WARNING – This article will contradict what most believe about speaking to a group. Continue reading


Four Reasons Why Driving Cameras are More Important than Ever

You are driving down the freeway, minding your own business, when all of the sudden another driver abruptly cuts in front of you and then slams on the brakes for no reason. Although you do your best to stop in time, you end up rear-ending the doofus driver. Since this type of accident is usually considered to be the fault of the person doing the rear-ending, you are understandably worried about a huge jump in your insurance bills.

This scenario is just one of many reasons why on-board cameras are such a good idea. The following four reasons explain why investing in a dash cam or other type of on-board surveillance system can be incredibly useful:

Avoiding insurance hassles

As the situation above illustrates, a car security camera can be an incredibly useful tool to help avoid insurance disputes. As Brick House Security notes, video evidence will clearly show both a police officer and a judge who was at fault in an accident, and it may help prove that a situation might not be what it seems. On-board cameras are also extremely useful for motorcycle owners, and they can easily be mounted to the body of the bike or the rider’s helmet. Companies like BikeBandit have a variety of riding accessories for this purpose, including cameras that are ideal for capturing video on a motorcycle that is zipping along at 65 miles per hour.

Keeping tabs on your teen

Yes, you want to trust your teen to make the right decisions while on the road. But you also remember your own teenage years and you know that sometimes even the best kids will make dumb choices while driving a two-ton piece of metal. This is another reason why investing in an in-car camera is such a great idea. For example, a dual view camera comes with two lenses that will simultaneously record the inside and outside of the vehicle at all times. The GS50 model from Rear View Safety features a handy suction cup mount that allows the camera to be quickly installed on the windshield of your car.

The in-car camera can also come in handy while you are teaching your teen to drive. As Driving Instructor notes, once you finish your lesson, you can play the recording back to your teen and point out everything he or she did really well, as well as use it as a teaching tool if your new driver made any errors.

Being more aware of the cars around you

As J Trader notes, an in-car camera can also be installed in a way that allows you to get a much better view of the sides of your vehicle. By mounting your camera to capture the blind spots around your car, you will be much-better equipped to see everything that is around you on the road; simply look at the camera screen in addition to your mirrors.

Capturing vacation memories

While car and motorcycle cameras are often used for more serious reasons, they have a fun side to them, as well. For example, if you are on vacation with your family and are about to drive through some gorgeous section of the country, you can use your car camera to capture the amazing scenery.


Yahoo INC. Employee Maria Zhang Is Being Accused Of Sexual Harrasment

( SoshITech ) – Maria Zhang is being sued by Nan Shi, according to reports. Both female individuals have had important roles working at the globally recognized internet corporation Yahoo Incorporated. The case against Maria Zhang involves both unethical issues and sexual harassment allegations from Nan Shi.  



You Don't Want to Compete with this Kidby John Jonelis

You don’t want to compete with this kid. Believe me. Just watch his intensity as he pitches his business to some of the private equity luminaries in the city. I’m a judge at this event and try not to show my feelings of awe as he answers all the tough questions in a pressure-cooker environment without so much as a flinch. There’s an intimidating team behind him too. They’re all in middle school. Middle school! Continue reading

Cleveland Cavaliers v New York Knicks

Lebron James – “I’m coming home.” – Ohio Rejoice!

( SoshITech ) – Kyrie Irving, Tristan Thompson, Dion Waters and Anderson Varejao will have the luxury of playing with one of the all time basketball greats in Lebron James.  The four time Most Valuable Player and two time champion of the National Basketball Association announced on Friday, July 11th, 2014 that he will be taking his talents back to the Cleveland Cavaliers at the start of next season.

AMAZON-395 Is Hit With A Multi Million Dollar Lawsuit From The Federal Trade Commission

( Soshitech ) – A multi million dollar lawsuit involving the online retail and ecommerce organization Amazon has taken center stage. According to the Federal Trade Commission, has charged parents more than one million dollars for in application acquisitions in which their children fashioned without the proper consent.

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